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Krowd Kings

DJ / Producer

“Krowd Kings” is made up of two of the most sought after DJs/Producers in New York: DJ Eddie Scissor Handz and DJ Grand Finale. They are not your stereotypical DJs/Producers. They are audio storytellers that bring their crowds on a musical journey, controlling the energy of any venue or platform like no one else can!

DJ Grand Finale with his majestic voice and unsurpassed energy and DJ Eddie Scissor Hands with his innovative creativity and musical finesse defines what the Krowd Kings are today.

L Squad

Hip Hop Artists

Growing up music was always a big part of LO’s life. Coming from a separated family there were so many different sounds that he would hear coming out of the speakers. He was able to experience so many different genres of music from rock&roll to the oldies and from doo-wop to pop music. Yet it never really felt like it was his own. It was always someone else showing him what they liked. That was the case until he experienced Hip-Hop. The grooves and melodies that he heard and how they were putting words together amazed him. The way an individual was able to express themselves was mind blowing. It was the foundation for what was to come. He will forever be thankful for the car rides that he and his brother Josh would experience together. The stories are countless. Hip-Hop music would forever become the soundtrack to his life.

Hip Hop Artist

El Jefe Marv has been dropping “Mics & Gems” since 2007. Embracing his West Indian and Italian Heritage with that classic New York “go-getter” lifestyle, El Jefe Marv has created a chameleon-like blend of music. Being able to execute his talent on any genre of music has earned him opportunities to open shows for artists such as Snoop Dogg, Willy William, Jim Jones, Julez Santana, Cassidy, Mac Miller and the list goes on.